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What are the Best Ways to Keep Warm in Bed?

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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Winter is a very interesting time of year, and we all enjoy the winter spells, but no one likes it when it’s cold in bed.

The bed is synonymous with peaceful sleep, and we all love it when it’s warm in it.

Cold can usually be a problem for us to fall asleep, so we give you a list of tips on how to warm yourself to sleep. Do not despair, there is a solution for every problem, and so for this one.

You will be able to sleep in a warm bed and have a good night’s sleep. There is nothing more beautiful than a warm bed and blankets while winter and snowflakes are out.

You don’t always have to rely on the heating system in your house when there are alternative ways to heat it quickly.

How-to Guide to Prepare Your Bed Ready for Winter

  • Wear thick socks and a cap

We all know that coldness comes first from our feet, so it is important to protect them first. Put thick cotton socks on your feet and warm your feet in less than 5 minutes. Cotton will adhere nicely to your feet and warm you up quickly. When your feet are warm, your whole body warms up.

Wear a cotton sleeping cap the same as a baby. It may sound funny, but it works. When you warm both your feet and your head – you’ll sleep like a baby!

  • Bring a hot water bottle to bed with you

Pour hot water into two bottles and bring them with you to bed. Place one bottle in your feet and hold the other in your hands. It is common knowledge that hot water in bottles will heat you at light speed.

This method is also used for colds or abdominal pain, so it will certainly help you fall asleep easier and faster if you are cold.  The hot water in the plastic bottles is very difficult to cool, so it will keep you warm almost all night long while you sleep peacefully and peacefully.

It may still be warm in the morning, so getting out of bed may be difficult. Spill water when you get up and keep bottles for the next night.

  • A few layers of thick blankets

Bring more layers of thick blankets with you to bed. Do not put all the blankets at once, but spread them two or three on each side to keep you warm without choking. Put a few blankets over your feet, some over your spine, and some over your stomach.

Then cover yourself with two more blankets from above. Be careful not to overdo it because you may not be able to sleep from excessive heat. Be moderate!

The more layers of blankets you put on, the warmer you will be, and it will be easy to take them off if it gets too hot.

  • Heat the bedding further with a hairdryer

If you are really cold in bed and unable to sleep and want to warm up as soon as possible, a hairdryer is a right solution for you. Pick up the bedding, turn on the hairdryer, and heat the whole bed in less than five minutes.

With a hairdryer, you can also warm your pillows and pajamas before you go to bed. Instant warm-up with a hairdryer is also recommended when you have a cold to warm up quickly.

When you heat the bed like this, lie down as soon as possible so that the heat does not disappear. Make sure that the hair-dryer does not get too close to the bed and linen.

  • Dress in layers

Wear a T-shirt, pajamas, vest, socks, put on a hat and all in several layers. The more layers you wear, the warmer you will be in bed.  When you reach a certain temperature to feel that you can fall asleep, take off the excess layers, and stay in your pajamas only.

This way, you can warm up after twenty minutes. It is not recommended to fall asleep with all this clothing because you will be heated, and you will wake up during sleep.

Make sure you carry cotton materials to bed as they will warm you up properly and will not irritate your skin.

  • Cotton bedding

Cotton bedding is best for sleeping. Soft and comfortable material that will help you fall asleep very easily. Cotton bedding easily adapts to changes in temperature, so it will warm you up quickly.

Synthetic linens will irritate you and will not add much to the heat of your body. A few layers of linen will help keep you warm if it is really cold, and you won’t mind because it is made of cotton.

  • A couple of large pillows

Large feather-filled pillows are always perfect for warming up in bed in winter. Place one pillow on each side to protect you and keep you warm, with blankets in the middle.

The pillows are filled with feathers and will, therefore, give you too much heat whenever you need it. If you can’t fall asleep because of the cold, just arrange the pillows on your spine, stomach, and legs and squeeze them against you.

You will sleep warm all night because the pillows will not move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can certain pajamas add to my warmth in bed?

Flannel pajamas can help you increase your body heat in bed because they are a great insulator.

Can a scarf keep me warm in bed?

A scarf can keep you warm in bed, however, strangling is a possibility as you move around in your bed, so, technically it’s best not to wear a scarf.  Have you considered wearing a snood as an alternative?

Can pillows warm me up?

Yes, pillows can warm you up. Put 3 or 4 pillows in your bed to help you keep warm and a few drops of lavender oil on a piece of tissue underneath your pillow to help you fall to sleep quicker.

The wind is coming into my room, under the window, what should I do?

You can easily prevent the wind from entering under your windows by putting a blanket or towel.

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