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Will Magnetic Thermal Door Curtains Warm my Room Up?

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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Are you thinking about buying a set of magnetic thermal door curtains to help keep drafts out and keep your home warmer but you’re wondering do they work and are worth the money?

The simple answer is yes, thermal door curtains do work as they keep the warmth in your home and help slow down the effect that drafts have in your home.

A Magnetic door curtain can also regulate temperatures better by keeping warm rooms warm and cool rooms cold.

The magnets are effective at keeping the doors together, whilst being animal and child friendly so you know pets and kids can use them too.

Below I have explained in greater detail how thermal curtains can work in your home.

  • Keep warmth inside

If you have an open door section that doesn’t have a door or maybe you have a door that leads to a cold room, then these magnetic doors are perfect at regulating temperatures, whether it’s too keep a room warm or keep it cool.

The curtains automatically close themselves after you’ve walked through them via the magnetic strips in the center of the door curtains pulling themselves together by magnetic force.

The curtains attach to the frame section of your door easily and can be removed if this is just a temporary measure during the coldest months of winter.

Alternatively, they can also be used to help keep a room cool should you need to during summer.

  • Temporary replacement for broken door

Sometimes replacing doors can be an expensive job.  Obviously, this type of magnetic door curtain cannot offer the same security that an outside door has but what it can do is help keep the cold out if you have a broken door that won’t be fixed for a few days.

Often, magnetic curtains will be used when a window has been broken in a door section and users can quickly attach this product around the edge of the door frame.  This will reduce the amount of draft that comes through the damaged window and help keep your room warmer until it’s fixed.

Alternatively, you may have large rooms that are open plan that do not have doors but have walk-through areas that have been previous knocked through and as long as this type of curtain is wide enough it will be ideal as a temporary door section.


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