How Long Does Gas Last in a Lawnmower?

Lawnmowers are an important device in every garden or lawn. It helps to trim unwanted grass or weed by use of automatic shears present within the mower.

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It helps to clean and trim a garden/lawn and maintain the natural beauty of the landscape.

The mower also ensures that the cut waste is neatly arranged in rows behind the mower or they may also be collected in an inner chamber which may be disposed of later.

Gas is one of the most commonly used fuels in a lawnmower. It is easy to fill and provide longer run times than electric ones.

However, the gasoline you may be using may not last forever in your mower.  The gas used in your mower can go bad over a period of time.

There can be several factors at work which cause this. Additives in the gas break down and form sediments inside the chamber.

Octane boosters which contain alcohol can make the gas evaporate inside the chamber which results in the gasoline being less combustible. Water can also buildup in your metal container for gas storage or chamber due to condensation.

The water can then mix with the gas and then degrade it. Expired gas and other buildups due to degradation can affect various components of the mower.

Often there are guidelines specified on your mower or on the manual that came along with it. These guidelines specify how long the gasoline can last inside the chamber before going bad. Most lawn mowers use

Here’s How Long Gas Lasts in a Lawnmower

  • Pure gasoline which can last for as long up to 6 months.
  • Gasoline blended with ethanol can last up to 3 months as ethanol can oxidize easily
  • Gasoline with stabilizers can last for 1 to 3 years. The stabilizers in the gas can extend the shelf life, prevent oxidation and evaporation.

It is important to store the gas in sealed containers which are tightly shut. There are also instructions on the manual or on the tank itself as to how much gas can be filled inside.

Can you reuse the old gas leftover in your tank?

There is a process of reconditioning the old gasoline by filtering it through a nylon or cotton cloth and then mixing it with fresh gasoline in a certain ratio. This makes the old gasoline reusable once more.

This process should only be used for engines which use carburettors and not ones which use fuel injection methods. This process may also not be suitable for everyone and the help of a mechanic should be availed in these situations.

Can you fix a mower affected by bad gas?

If your mower will not start due to degraded leftover gas, then you might want to remove any residue which has built up in the engine and making it choke.

Residual gas inside the engine can be siphoned out as this will allow the problem to persist. The carburettor should also be cleaned along with the line for fuel.