How to Keep Warm Fishing in winter?

Even if it sounds inconvenient, fishing can be as exciting, fun and rewarding during winter as it is during the warm days of summer.

Winter fishing

The key is to find the right kind of fishing equipment and clothing that will keep you warm in cold weather.

This article will enumerate every piece of equipment you’re going to need for your fishing trip during the winter or even if your planning to fish on ice, so you can fully enjoy your experience.

If you have the right type of clothes, there shouldn’t be an issue with fishing in winter. Now, we are going to enumerate a few items that will make you feel comfortable and prepared while you are fishing in cold exteriors.

Best Ways to Keep Your Body Warm When Fishing

  • Base Layer

The base layer has two goals. The first one is to maintain the heat of your body and the second one is to get rid of the humidity on your skin and evaporate it.  This way you will remain dry and warm. If you don’t wear this, the sweat will remain and dry on your skin, lowering your body temperature.

The base layer must be composed of pants and a long-sleeved top made of polyester.

  • Appropriate socks

Fishing is a waiting game, so you won’t move much around the area. This means that your feet could get cold pretty fast, causing it to spread to the rest of your body.

You must bring at least one or two pairs of insulating warm socks. It is not a bad idea to even go further and wear a pair of thin polyester socks underneath to remove moisture, and then the insulating socks.

  • Mid layer

The mid-layer will keep the warmth of your body and will keep the cold out. For the upper part of your body is recommended to use a hooded sweatshirt, preferably made of polyester, since it will protect you from the water and it dries faster.

For the legs, you can wear jeans, unless it’s a humid environment. In that case, any winter pants will get the job done. It is always preferable to choose waterproof clothing.

  • Outer layer

Winter can be windy, so this will keep the wind and cold out. You don’t have to choose the thicker, bigger jackets. The ones with a waterproof membrane are the best to keep you dry and comfortable in any scenario.

Bigger doesn’t mean better.

  • Fishing Bibs

They are excellent to keep your lower back, stomach, and legs protected and warm. Is up to you if you decide to go for the bibs or other type of pants.

  • Footwear

The most important aspect of a fishing boot is its insulation and comfort. It is vital that your feet remain dry during the adventure. And also, a good quality boot should have a membrane that allows sweat to evaporate.

  • Gloves

Good fishing gloves are a must to keep your extremities protected from the cold. It must also allow you to have full use of your fingers. They can be thick or thin, depending on what you prefer… but they must have textured palms, so the fishing gear doesn’t slip from your hands. Try different ones until you find the best for you.

This depends on each person, some people never wear hats or hoodies of any kind. But it is recommended that you bring both to the trip, just in case you could come to regret halfway through the trip.

You won’t be moving much, so you should take with you any kind of hat to protect your head. It is better if it also covers your ears.

  • Face shield or Mask

Unless is very cold, it’s possible that you don’t need a face mask, but is a great idea to bring one anyway. You never know if you are going to find yourself with your face against the wind for a long time. It is extremely useful when you are in a boat, and it even protects you from the sun.

Make sure that it has some ventilation, so your sunglasses don’t fog up.

Fishing Equipment in cold weather

Fishing reel: Tune your fishing reel for it to work properly. You can take it to a professional if you don’t know how to do it.

Fishing line: Any fishing caster will work in cold weather. Just make sure to inspect your line regularly so it doesn’t freeze due to accumulated water.

Bait: You should use live bait instead of fishing lures. The fish move more slowly in low-temperature waters, so a lure that moves fast would scare the fish away. But you can choose a special lure for ice fishing if you want to stay true to the lures.

Frequently asked question

If I suffer a lot from the cold, what else can I do to fight it?

Sometimes is a good idea to take hand warmers. You must heat them before you arrive at your destination, but once they are hot, you don’t have to worry about the cold for at least four hours.

You can also get feet warmers that work the same way. That may give you the extra heat you want.

What should I do if my clothes get wet during the trip?

You should bring some extra clothes for the trip. You could slide on ice and end up in the water, you never know. By taking some extra clothes you will be ready for the unforeseen.

What are good snacks to keep yourself warm on a fishing trip?

With a full belly, your body will have more fuel to warm itself. That’s why you should always carry a high protein snack with you such as bananas, protein bars, hard-boiled eggs, carrots, grapes, dried fruit, yogurt, etc.

What can I do if my fishing location is frozen?

If there’s even a possibility that the body of water that you are going to is frozen, you should bring an ice auger with you. Don’t let anything ruin your fishing trip, be prepared!