How to Keep Warm Watching a Football Game?

One of the most popular sports in the United States is football, both college and professional. A big problem with football, however, is that the season starts in Autumn and goes through until the bitter cold of Winter.

Football Game Snow

Keep Warm Watching You Team

Some of the most famous football games in history were played in temperatures below freezing.

The ‘Ice Bowl’, the ‘Bronco Blizzard’ and the ‘Lake Effect Bowl’ were some of the worst, with ice and snow filling the stadium and chilling fans to the bone.

If your fave team has an outdoor stadium the cold can be a real problem, especially in northern states like Minnesota. Michigan and Massachusetts.

You’ll need to prepare yourself well with the right clothing and gear so that you can enjoy the game without getting a bad case of frostbite. This article will tell you how to do just that.

Best Ways to Stay Warm at a Football Game

The following tips and tricks will help you keep warm and cozy even in the coldest, snowiest games.

  • Dress in Layers

Simply using a winter jacket is not going to be enough. You need to dress in several layers of clothing so that you don’t lose body heat. Start with a no-sleeve t-shirt. On top of that wear a long-sleeve shirt, then a flannel shirt and over that a loose-fitting sweatshirt.

Lastly, a heavy, down-filled jacket. That’s 5 layers of protection from the cold!

  • Use a Thermal Hat with Ear Protection

We humans lose a lot of heat from our heads. That means you need to cover your noggin with a thermal hat so that you don’t lose that heat and freeze your brain (it’s kind of important). Earflaps on the side will make sure that your ears don’t get frostbite, which does happen often at winter football games.

  • Purchase a Heated Jacket

A down-filled jacket is good but a heated jacket is much better. Heated jackets have small wires running through them connected to rechargeable batteries.

They heat the jacket toasty warm, protecting you even at the coldest football games. Even better, the pockets are heated too so you can keep your hands warm too.

  • Get Some Heated Socks

Many people at football games stay warm up top but ignore their tootsies. That’s bad because you’ll be sitting a lot at a football game and your feet and toes can get cold very quickly.

Heated socks use the same low tech used in heated jackets. They will keep your feet warm and comfy even at the coldest of games.

  • Use Thick Mittens instead of Gloves

Winter gloves are good if you need to grab things or work. If you’re at a football game, however, the only thing you might need to hold is a beer. Thick mittens are great in this case because they keep your fingers close together and thus warmer than if you used regular gloves with 5 fingers.

  • Get Yourself a Heated Stadium Cushion

Most football stadiums have hard, plastic seats. Some of the older football stadiums ( and especially college stadiums) have concrete seating, which will get cold and stay cold and can chill your entire body. A heated stadium cushion is a fantastic solution to this problem.

They’re lightweight, battery-powered and will keep your butt, and the rest of your body, much warmer during chilly games.

  • Use Insulated Winter Boots

Even with heated socks, you should still get some thick, insulated winter boots to keep your feet and toes from freezing. Again, you’ll probably be sitting a lot at any football game you go to see (except for when your team scores, of course) and your feet can get extremely cold.

Insulated winter boots will keep them toasty warm throughout the game.

  • Bring Along a Big, Heavy Blanket

Just like they do on your bed, a big, heavy blanket will keep you much warmer at a cold football game. Not only that but, if you bring a blanket that’s big enough, you and your partner, family or friends can all huddle under the blanket together and share your body heat.

If you really love your team you can even get a blanket with their team logo printed in it! Plus, a blanket is fun and a great way to bond with the people who go with you to the game.

  • Use Flannel-Lined Jeans

Keeping your upper-body warm is a good idea but don’t forget your groin and legs! Flannel-lined jeans are so much warmer than regular jeans, which offer practically no protection from the cold.

Flannel-lined jeans protect your legs from even bitter cold and, more importantly, from the wind that can howl through football stadiums in winter. Plus, it feels like your wearing pajamas!

  • Bring a Water-proof Poncho

Winter football games don’t always have snow and ice but they can still get awfully cold. Even worse, however, is when it rains. All the insulated clothing in the world won’t do you any good if it’s soaked with water, so do yourself a favor and bring a waterproof poncho to the game.

A water-proof poncho will keep your head and upper body dry and thus help you stay warmer.

  • Don’t Drink Cold Beverages

If you’re doing your best to keep your body warm on the outside the last thing you want to do is make it cold on the inside. Drinking beer, soda or cold water can chill you from within and lower your body temperature, which is counterintuitive in a cold football stadium.

Instead, drink hot cocoa or coffee. Also, keep in mind that alcohol is a vasodilator that actually makes your body colder, not warmer.

Final Thoughts

Going to a football game is a fantastic way to spend a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday. In the winter, however, you really do need to be prepared so that you don’t catch your death of cold or get really sick.

The tips and products we shared above will help you to do just that and have a great time while staying warm, comfortable and safe! Now go out there and cheer your football team on to victory!