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What Temperature is Too Cold for Outdoor Hot Tub?

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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In the colder months, having an outdoor hot tub can be a great option. Having a warm soak outside in nature is a great joy. Some people even look forward to its arrival for this reason.

When keeping a hot tub in the winter, it’s recommended to keep the tub warm and filled with water even when not in use. This will prevent damage to the tub itself.

Some people worry about keeping the tub at the right temperature, especially when not in use. The good news is that newer, energy-efficient models with a good cover are much easier to keep warm without breaking the bank.

There are two guidelines to follow for a hot tub temperature. The temperature when in use and the temperature when not in use.

Hot Tub Temperatures Out of Use

If you’re wondering, how cold is too cold for an outdoor hot tub, then the answer varies depending on the time of year and how it’s being used. In the colder months, it’s recommended to keep the tub at 85 degrees or higher during the winter.

You should also avoid turning the heat off entirely in the winter. You may be thinking about energy savings but this can lead to damaged pipes.

During the summer months, if you still use the spa, you can keep the temperature around 85 which may feel more comfortable. This time of year, you actually can turn the heater off entirely and allow the water to cool completely.

Keep in mind that while you can turn the temperature lower when not in use, this may not be great for your model. Reheating the tub every time that it’s used will burn extra energy and also put a strain on the heating element.

Since it has to work harder to raise the water temperature each time, then your heater may wear out faster than if you left it at a slightly lower but still ambient temperature. You may want to keep the temperature on the lower side when you’re on an extended trip or don’t plan to use the tub for a long period of time.

Hot Tub Temperatures While in Use

While everyone has slightly different heating/cooling needs, most manufacturers recommend that keeping the tub around 100 degrees is ambient and also safe. The CDC actually recommends keeping the tub below 104 degrees for safety. Some older tubs may go past this limit but you should keep a thermometer handy and use it to test the water.

You can use your hot tub in both warm and cold weather, but if you’re concerned about it being too cold to use the hot tub, check your model and see if it has any guidelines. Most hot tubs that are designed for outdoor use can be used safely even in negative temperatures.

You’ll want to take extra precautions such as being close to the indoors and wearing a stocking cap when using the tub in cold weather.  Most people find that temperatures are too cold to use a hot tub around -20 degrees.

The wind also plays a role in temperature and comfort. This is not a time when to completely stop using it but it’s a good idea to consider safety as well as comfort in extreme cold.

These are a few guidelines to keep in mind when using hot tubs. This temperature guide will keep you and the tub in great condition for years to come!

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