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Winterize Automower (Prep Your Automower Ready for Winter)

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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When preparing for winter and winter conditions, an essential step is to prepare the automower for those conditions.

Snow, ice, and low temperatures can create a lot of problems if you do not prepare your automower for winter conditions.The end of summer is the right time to start slowly preparing your automower for winter conditions.

Automower wintering used to be a complex process, and its preparation took a long time, but today it is easier and faster because our times are more modern.

It is very important to winterize your automower to avoid damage and save this unit for the next mowing season.

This whole process does not take more than an hour and will mean your automower because you will thus extend its life by maintaining it properly.  Follow the list of recommendations on how to winterize your automower and prepare for winter conditions as best you can.

How-to Guide to Prepare Your Automower Ready for Winter

  • Clean your automower properly

Before you prepare your automower for the winter, it is important to clean it properly and thus extend its life span.

Unless you clean your automower and leave it dirty during the winter, it may get complicated in its operation and may take less time than it would have if you had cleaned it for the winter.

Make sure the automower is off before you start cleaning. Use protective gloves, brush, and water dispenser. Gently rub on all sides and do not place too much water until dry.

Clean the underside of the chassis gently and carefully, then the front and rear wheels. Clean the body and solar cells with a damp and soft cloth, and if soiled, use a little soap.

  • Winterize the Battery

Charge the battery fully before storing the car safely for the winter. Failure to fully charge the battery will result in various damage, and the automower will be useless after the winter.

Clean the battery of dust, grease, and dirt before charging it for the winter.

Depending on what automower you have, some manufacturers advise checking the battery even during winter. It is recommended that you recharge the battery every three months just in case.

  • Winterize the charging station

When you have charged the battery to the automower, remove the charging station by disconnecting the wires from the station. Prepare a charging station for the winter by packing and storing it indoors.

Protect the loose parts of the cord with tape so that they are not damaged in the next season. Put the charging station in a special protective box to secure it during the winter. Make sure to place it in a dry place where it cannot be frozen.

  • Winterize the Blades

If the blades have worn out during the previous season, replace them for next summer. You can easily replace the blades in five minutes with a regular screwdriver.

Make sure you turn off the automower before you start replacing the blade. For your automower to mow you quickly and accurately, it is recommended that you replace the blades every year as you prepare for the winter.

It will save the automower during the winter and give it a longer life.

  • Store your automower correctly

You must store your automower properly to protect it from external conditions. It is best to place the automower in the basement in a safe place where the weather cannot affect the automower.

It must be a dry and dark place to avoid rusting or any damage from moisture. Keep your automower in a horizontal position as the battery may be damaged horizontally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it bother me if I leave my automower outside during the winter?

Do not leave the mower outside during the winter as it will soak and spoil. Keep it indoors!

Should I cover my auto-mower with something when I prepare it for the winter?

No need to cover your mower with anything during the winter – just store it in a dry and warm place during the winter and be worry-free.

Where do I put the loop wire?

Feel free to leave the loop wire outside on the lawn during the winter and be worry-free.

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