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Best Ways to Winterize a Banana Tree for Cold Weather

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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You can give a vibrant lush look to your property throughout the year if you know how to winterize a banana tree.

A tree of bananas in your backyard to add a tropical look to it with its massively arching leaves. Actually banana trees are not trees in real sense.

They are herbal shrubs like plants with very juicy and tender stems.

If you do not know the methods of winterizing banana plants then you should read this write-up until the end.

Types and nature of banana plants

Banana plants are available in a wide variety as some of them produce edible fruits whereas some are used for decorating your property. The Dwarf Cavendish variety of banana plants is very popular due to its small bananas and rapid growth.

Hardy Banana plants, on the other hand, can give a Hawaiian look to your landscape and can grow well in USDA plant hardiness zone 4 even during winters.

The Dwarf Cavendish plants of edible bananas need a tropical or near-tropical climate to have the best growth, which makes them best to be grown in the U.S.D.A. plant hardiness zones 10 and onward.

To get a crop of bananas you will have to grow these banana plants in the regions where they can get a frost-free environment for 10 to 12 months. Ornamental Hardy Banana plants can grow better in 5B to 11 USDA zones.

Most of the banana plants can grow well in containers having acidic soil as excessive watering is not required to them.

Planning for Banana Tree Winterization

You should start planning for the winterization of banana plants before the temperature is less than 50 degrees F as the growth of banana plants stops at this temperature. The leaves of the banana tree start dying and the plant will go down to the earth in winters when the temperature goes down to the freezing point.

The roots of your banana tree can survive and grow again in the spring season if the plant is winterized properly. You will have to move your banana plant indoors to protect it during winters.

You can winterize the plants of red banana indoors in containers because of their smaller size and they can be managed indoors easily by maintaining the indoor temperature up to the level of the autumn season.

You can put them near a window and water them regularly for safe winterization for the next spring season.

Winterizing Banana Plants Grown in Your Garden

Banana plants grown in the garden can be winterized by following a few steps like:

  • Step 1: Cut the plant back: You should cut the leaves of the banana plant to the ground. It will not harm the plant as its root ball can grow new leaves.
  • Step 2: Mulching the roots: You should spread a layer of mulch around the banana plant like peat moss to protect the roots of the plant from the effect of frost and freezing temperatures.
  • Step 3: Covering the ground: The mulch on the ground around the banana plant should be covered with a plastic trap to protect its roots for the changing temperatures of the environment.  This cover will protect the root of the plant from rotting caused by saturation of the peat moss due to the moisture of early defrosting.  You can put more mulch or a few rocks on the plastic cover to protect it against winds.

Winterizing Banana Plants Grown in Container

You will have to follow the steps discussed here to winterize the banana plants grown in containers.

  • Step 1: Cut the plant back: You can use sharp shears used in the garden to cut the leaves of the banana plant that have been damaged by the first hard frost of the season to the ground. It will help in preventing permanent damage to the plant by the rotting of the damaged leaves.
  • Step 2: Move indoors: You should move the container indoors like in your garage to keep it in a location where it can get sun rays. It will keep your banana plant safe even in extremely cold weather.
  • Step 3: Mulch the plant and wrap it: On the soil in the container you should spread a thick layer of mulch and use an insulating material like bubble paper to wrap the pot to keep the plant warm.

Thus, banana plants can be winterized properly by putting them in the right environment.

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