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Winterize Bedroom (How to Prep a Bedroom for Winter)

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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Years ago my grandma used to have a separate pile of bed linen for summer and a separate one for winter.

Nowadays, we tend to use very similar bedsheets or quilts all year round and just hug them tighter in the winter and kick them off in the summer.

However, to be properly prepared without having to ramp up the heating you really need to start planning in early autumn, no matter what month your wintertime arrives.

Keeping warm in your bedroom at night can also improve your wellbeing and mood and can help prevent you from catching a chill which could ultimately lead to the common cold.

Check out our simple to follow guide that will help to warm up your bedroom and will help keep your heating bills low, whilst on the other hand, some of the products we recommend will require a small initial outlay.

How-to Guide to Prepare Your Bedroom for Winter

Check out our tips on how to make your bedroom cozy in winter with free advice and a few things that can be bought too.

  • Replace Summer Bedsheets

Have you been using lighter bedsheets for the summer months?  Well, now is the time to switch them out and replace them with flannel bed sheets, a set of fleece bed sheets or a heavy quilt.

I personally recommend a set of fleece bed sheets as being ideal for winter as they provide a soft, cozy feel and are often hypoallergenic and are therefore an ideal alternative especially if you are allergic to wool or flannel sheets.

  • Purchase a Bedroom Rug for wooden floors

Bedrooms with wooden floors can often lose a lot of heat through the floorboards and by purchasing a soft area rug you can help the room retain more of the existing warmth.

Faux fur is one of the more common types available to buy and they are very effective at making your bedroom cozier, so even if you’re a guy there are several types of colors that you can buy.

Faux fur area rugs are available in lots of different sizes and you can be sure to be able to pick one up from your local store or delivered by Amazon.

  •  Buy a warm pair of pajamas and bedsocks

Keeping your body warm before and whilst you’re in bed is highly recommended and buying a pair of good quality thick pajamas and a pair of bedsocks is very important.

Whilst we may warm up once we’re in bed, the second layer of clothing (pajamas) offers a kind of double insulation against any cool air and will prevent the initial cold feel of the bed linen when you first get into bed.

As we all know, the extremities of our body which include our head, hands, and feet are very susceptible to getting cold first and although it’s not practical to wear gloves or a hat in bed, you can wear a pair of bed socks.

  • Insulate Windows with Caulking

It is often recommended to check around your windows and window frames for gaps and cracks that may have gone unnoticed during the summer months.

A simple test to check whether you have a draft is to light a candle and hold it where you believe the trouble spots could be.  The flame will flicker when air passes through the crack and towards the flame of the candle.

If you find problem areas it’s often best to make a small mark with a pencil or place a coin temporarily near the draft area on the window or window frame ready for your caulking gun expertise.

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