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Best Ways to Winterize Bougainvillea Plants

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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Bright and tropical flowers such as bougainvillea make your home more beautiful and appealing.


And if you decide to enjoy your wonderful bougainvillea for many more years, you can try planting it in a pot or even hanging basket you may bring inside.

Usually, temperatures which are lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit quickly kill a bougainvillea, which now begs the question; how to winterize a bougainvillea plant?

Well, there are several very efficient tips and methods for winterizing a bougainvillea. So keep on reading to find out.

Useful Tips On How To Winterize Bougainvillea plant


If your bougainvilleas are still very young, meaning newly planted to three-four years old, you need to make sure you water them in dry, long spells. Also, remember that usually, it’s best to try watering them deeply every 3-4 weeks.

But remember; too much water may cause too much green growth or roots to rot. And it may have troubles with flowering, too.

So make sure to simply water your plants thoroughly to allow water dripping out all the holes in the bottom of a container if your plant is potted.

And if it’s potted, bring the plant inside. A dormant plant doesn’t require sunlight, which means that a basement or garage can be a very acceptable storage place, too.

Make sure to cover your plant if you’re expecting quite a hard frost, and during the frost, try using a plastic plant cover and then once the threat of frost is gone, remove it afterwards.


It doesn’t matter what specific zone you live in; you shouldn’t try fertilizing your bougainvilleas in winter. Many experienced gardeners never fertilize a bougainvillea in winter. Why? they’re already very scrappy once established, and the fact that they look fine and blooming indicates that they don’t require fertilization.


This is the part where most of the action comes into play. The pruning done in winter is very important as it sets a structure for how your plant will grow as well as how it’ll look later on in the season.

You can even try pruning all of your bougainvilleas in many different ways depending on the shape and form you wish them to take.

Pruning is necessary because bougainvillea plants start putting out a lot of growth once they are pruned. So throughout the season, you can try doing lighter prunes for encouraging all the color explosions which you love and appreciate.


There are some very effective methods of protecting your bougainvillea plants by using old sheets and even pillowcases. It’s especially useful if your bougies are smaller or

younger plants.

But for better, more enhanced protection, you can try using cloth instead of plastic.

Forcing It Into Dormancy

Dormancy is not simply a normal state for bougainvilleas. In the wild, these plants do their best since they are able to grow a bit at all times. But still, when it becomes necessary, they’ll start adapting to the environment they are in as well.

For initiating dormancy, place your plant in a heated garage, cool basement, or any kind of cold but frost-free spot. Your plants don’t need any light since they will remain dormant during that time.

Make sure you water them only enough so that a root ball doesn’t get completely dried. So you should water them only once or even twice a month to avoid any issues. And even though your plant will be losing all the leaves, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead.

Final Thoughts

And now to sum everything up simply and nicely, remember that:

  1. Always water your plants according to the climate.
  2. You shouldn’t fertilize all the time. Instead, try waiting until spring or even summer in case you feel you need to. Remember that plants are usually resting during this time of year.
  3. Prune when you notice that the evenings have finally warmed above 40F. Pruning forces out new growth which you don’t want to be stopped or ruined by another freeze.
  4. Don’t worry about leaf dropping as it’s absolutely normal in winter. It’s just a part of the cycle during which old foliage starts shedding to finally make a way for new spring growth.
  5. Force your plants into dormancy once in a while.

So use these tips to ensure your bougainvillea plants stay in a healthy and wonderful condition.

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