How to Winterize Your Fire Pit Ready For Winter

Fire Pit

Is Your Fire Pit Ready for Winter?

As winter approaches you’re going to need to know how to winterize your fire pit in order to have it prepared for winter and then ready in working order for when spring arrives.

Before you can even think about getting started, you first need to know which kind of fire pit you own.

There is a total of four different kinds of fire pits including; Wood Burning Fire Pits, Gel Fuel, Propane, and Natural Gas Fire Pits.

It’s very important to figure out which type of fire pit you have and to read the manual first for safety hazards. Safety is always the number one priority.

Clean out your fire pit

You want to remove all remaining pieces of wood and ashes. If you own a gas fire pit, make sure the gas is turned off.  For propane fire pits, make sure the propane tank is uncoupled.

An important note about the propane tank. In order to be as safe as possible, store the propane tanks outside in a cool area. Keep them away from heat or anything that produces flames.

That part is very important! Triple check if you have to, just make sure there is nothing that can set the propane tank off. Keep it in a safe environment at all times.

With that being said, make sure everything in the fire pit has been properly drained to prevent any type of freezing from happening. The draining pipe needs to be at least 1/2” in diameter.

For disposing of the ashes, dump them inside a metal bucket. A lot of people have the misconception that the ashes are ‘dead’. This is not true as some ashes can still ignite.

This is why putting them inside a trash bag is a bad idea as this can start a fire.

Examine the grate

Some fire pits have a grate in them. If yours doesn’t have this then you can skip this step. If yours does have a grate, make sure it isn’t expired. If the grate can still be used, treat it using high-temperature spray paint.

Check your spark guard

Your spark guard is supposed to have the mesh intact. If it’s not then that means you will have to replace your spark guards. If they are still intact then use powder coating to treat the spark guards.

Place a cover on top

The cover is what’s going to help keep your fire pit protected during the winter. It is recommended to use a spark guard to help keep the fire pit covered. If, however, you don’t have that handy, a simple tarp cover will get the job done.

They are pretty cheap so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank in order to get a decent cover.

If you own a fire pit table, wipe down the surfaces that are at risk of erosion in order to prevent damage. Some of you don’t have to worry about this problem if you have a built-in fire pit as they usually come with covers.

If you don’t have a cover, you can buy a fitted cover at a decent price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to winterize my fire pit and what if I want to use it?

While you don’t necessarily have to winterize your fire pit, it is recommended to at least take extra care of it during the winter. It’s understandable that you would want to use your fire pit in the winter.  It’s cold outside and the fire can provide some warmth if you are outside.

But, if you don’t plan on using it at all during the winter, or plan on rarely using it until it’s spring, then I would recommend winterizing your fire pit just to be safe. You don’t want to find out that your fire pit is damaged the next time you try to use it.