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Winterize Outdoor Kitchen (Prep Your Kitchen for Winter)

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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When the summer is finally over, you will not spend so much time outside cooking in the outdoor kitchen because winter is on its way.

Now is the time to winterize your outdoor kitchen because you will need to protect it from freezing and damage that will come from winter weather.

You certainly do not want the kitchen parts to be broken during the winter as this will double your repair costs and will delay you using the kitchen in the spring when the better weather arrives.

Follow these tips and protect your kitchen during wintertime ready to get started again in the springtime.

How-to Guide to Prepare Your Outdoor Kitchen for Winter

  • Winterize your refrigerator

There is no need to move the refrigerator indoors if you properly prepare it for the winter. To winterize your kitchen, you must first turn off the refrigerator.

Be sure to throw everything out of the refrigerator. Turn off the refrigerator and clean it well.

Cleaning the refrigerator is safest with a little water and vinegar. Take off the front grill and vacuum clean the dirt and dust. Return the grill to its place when you finish cleaning.

  • Winterize your ice maker

Your ice maker must be properly prepared for the winter. First, unplug it and drain the water supply. Empty all ice from the appliance and clean it thoroughly.

It is best to clean it with some water and vinegar. Use half a cup of vinegar for one cup of water. Once you have cleaned the ice maker, allow it to dry well. The ice maker must be well dried to avoid moisture and bacteria.

  • Winterize your kitchen cabinets

Be sure to throw everything out of kitchen cabinets. Make sure you remove the liquid from the kitchen cabinets because it will freeze and may not be good to use.

The type of protection you will use for your kitchen cabinets will depend on the material. If you have wooden cabinets, it is best to coat them with stainless steel lacquer.

Coated kitchen cabinets like this will be protected from low temperatures and humidity.

  • Winterize your sink

First, unplug the sink and clean it well inside and out. Below the sink structure, you should turn off the water valves. Insulate water lines with foam insulation to protect them from frost.

Turn off draining the water line to the sink, uninstall the faucet completely, and cover the entire sink with nylon. It is not necessary to completely uninstall the faucet, but it is safer.

Make sure all water lines are well dried to prevent from freezing and allow the sink to dry for a day.

  • Winterize your grill for the winter

The end of summer is the perfect time to clean your grill. Whether you plan to use the grill during the winter, cleaning the grill will improve its operation during the winter.

Clean your grill as best you can. Use a small metal brush to scrub each part of the grill. You can coat the grill with oil and start a fire to burn off any dirt. Close the grill lid to allow the fire to burn the dirt as much as possible.

When everything is burned, and the grill is clean, turn off the pipeline and your grill is ready for the winter.

  • Cover your kitchen and protect it that way

If you do not want your kitchen damaged during the winter, it is best to cover it from all sides. Cold and humid weather can damage any part of your kitchen during winter.

You must cover each part of the kitchen with an anti-moisture coating to preserve the radiance of your kitchen. When you have covered the entire kitchen with a coating, and it has dried, cover it with some moisture-proof synthetic material that will preserve your kitchen during the winter.

Do not cover the ice maker as moisture will cause mold and damage the power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I cover my fridge in winter?

Do not cover the fridge in winter, as this will create moisture in it and cause damage that will cost you a lot.

Is it necessary for me to shut off the grill pipeline in winter?

If you plan to use the grill in winter, you do not have to turn it off. But if you’re not going to use it, it’s best to turn it off just in case.

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