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Best Ways to Drain & Protect a Sprinkler System from Freezing

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  • Date: November 27, 2021
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SprinklerDo you have a sprinkler system for your yard, lawn, or garden, and you’re concerned about whether it will survive the harsh weather conditions of winter?

Winterizing a sprinkler system incorrectly could lead to having to purchase a new one or damage to your precious garden, lawn, or watered area.

If the sprinklers go ignored, the pipes will burst due to water freezing, and should the pipes not burst then there’s a good chance there will be some kind of cracking damage to the pipes.

If you want to properly winterize your sprinkler system this winter, be sure to follow the guide down below, and with each section we’ve tried to add a video to help you further.

How-to Guide to Prep Your Sprinkler System for Winter

Drain the sprinkler system of water

Remember earlier when I mentioned that the pipes can burst? This can happen due to the water in the system freezing and causing a build of up ice which will cause the pipes to burst.

To drain your sprinklers, go to the backflow valve which should be connected to your house’s water source. Shut the valve and open the drain. This will allow any trapped water to exit the system.

To be fully sure all water is out, use compressed air to blow out all remaining water. It’s easy to think all of the water has been drained, but double-check before moving on.

A lot of the time there is still some water left that gets overlooked so be sure that all of the water is completely gone.

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